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Canine Caravan
Testimonials from some of our loyal happy clients

Canine Caravan Inc. is happy to provide your pet with the very best care possible, and will gladly supply you with a list of references. Here are some of the many wonderful things that our clients have said about Canine Caravan:

"For over 10 years Canine Caravan has been walking and watching over our dogs. Be it our still missed Hanna and Octave (Bernese mountain dogs) or Zoe and Max (our west highland terriers) Gayle has looked after them with care, love and attention. Through her care they received more than simply a necessary walk, they got the opportunity to play and interact with a number of other dogs and to be dogs. This has kept them lively and stimulated. There are few people we would trust more to watch over the four-legged members of our family."
Patrick & Jane

"I wouldn't be able to have my dog Charlie if it weren't for Canine Caravan. From the time Charlie was an eight week old puppy, she has been an essential part of both of our lives. Gayle is extremely reliable and flexible. Because I work as a substitute teacher I can be called for work at any time. Gayle cheerfully welcomes my early morning and late night calls in order to fit Charlie into her daily run schedule. I don't have family in town and many of my friends also work long hours. Canine Caravan allows for me to have a loving, happy, and healthy pet despite having a busy life. Gayle's service is professional, affordable and most importantly, Charlie adores her."

"I'm not really sure what Drake and I would do without Canine Caravan. I had been working from home the whole of Drake's life when I took an office job and was faced with how to occupy my very high-energy puppy during the days. I was so pleased when I found Gayle and her services - the convenience cannot be beat. Drake LOVES his Caravan days. He looks out the window for his friends, or happily waits in his kennel for Gayle's arrival, and is blissful upon return at the end of the day. As a result of spending a few days a week with Gayle and his daily pack, Drake is exceptionally well socialized to other dogs. I can take him anywhere and he can meet any dog and he knows how to behave. With his excess energy gone by the time I get home, Drake is ready to focus on learning, and is very obedient as a result. He is physically fit, mentally stimulated, and the happiest dog I know. I get compliments on how wonderful my dog is all the time, and I owe Gayle and her Canine Caravan for much of that success. Thanks again Gayle. All the best and MUCH success in the future."
Ada & Drake

"My furry 90 lbs of pseudo-child has had great fun and exercise on his outings with Gayle and her Canine Caravan. When she arrives at the door, Molson is already flying down the stairs, little tail wagging away. When he arrives home he settles on his pillow for a nap. I know he has had some much needed fun time. I am a little jealous ... someday he may choose to go home with Gayle instead. He couldn't be in kinder hands."

"Canine Caravan has been walking me (Lexie) for the past 3 years. I always have a lot of fun and like running around with the other dogs. Gayle will let me run both on and off the leash depending on how well I'm paying attention to her that day. My mom knows that I have a great time with Gayle and always come home tired after playing the whole time. My brother Roscoe started coming 3x a week when he was old enough. He loved it so much that when he got dropped off after the run at our house, he would try to follow Gayle back out the door and down the hallway to the elevator to go with her on another run. He now goes the full week with me. We are both well socialized with other dogs because of all the different dogs we play with. We are always very excited to see her and go on our next adventure!"
Lexie and Roscoe

"I feel very comfortable trusting Canine Caravan with both our dogs and our home. Prior to selecting Gayle I had interviewed several dog walking services and did not feel as comfortable with them for various reasons. Since choosing Gayle and Canine Caravan, I cannot imagine having anyone else. During the winter, Gayle will put the coats on the dogs to get them ready for the cold winter temperatures. She does not leave any mess coming into the house. I have recommended her to various co-workers and friends. She is very accommodating. My work schedule can be very unpredictable and having the dogs out with Gayle and the rest of the dogs for several hours each day keeps them in shape. Our veterinarian has commented numerous times at what great shape the dogs are in and how muscular they are. She said she can tell they get a lot of exercise. I would recommend Canine Caravan for walking services."
Lexie and Roscoe's Mom (Alana)

"Gayle and the Canine Caravan team provide a dependable, professional service. It shows that they genuinely care for the well-being of our dog, Champ. He loves nothing more than to barrel down the stairs in excitement when they arrive to pick him up for his afternoon run. We always know Champ is safe and well looked after."
Marty & Sophie

"I just wanted to let you know what an incredibly wonderful service you provide. Having two active dogs living with two busy adults, I was very concerned about how Murdo and Kiko would spend their days. Having the availability of an outing with other dogs, playtime and a great run in a safe environment while we are at work is just such a huge weight off our shoulders. Your care, kindness, range of services and great personality make you a really important part of our family life. I am not exaggerating when I say that we could not function without you. Murdo and Kiko jump for joy when you arrive for their outing. It is clear that they love you a lot. Please promise never to retire."
Simone & Robert

"My dog Buckley is now 6 and I have utilized Canine Caravan's services since Buckley was a puppy. Buckley thoroughly enjoys his daily walks with the other dogs. He ALWAYS comes home exhausted - which
for a beagle is no easy feat.

I recommend Gayle's services to anyone and everyone looking for help during workdays. I trust she does an excellent job! I feel she cares as much for my dog as I do."

"Gayle and Canine Caravan have been walking Benji, our golden retriever, for well over 6 years. She is marvelous with him. She takes great care to remember what he likes and is so very kind to him. Benji is always eager and excited to go whenever he hears the van pull in or hears Gayle's voice!

We highly recommend Canine Caravan to anyone who wants their pet loved and looked after as if it were their own."
Jim and Robin (and Benji)

"We have been delighted with the care that is evidently lavished on our dog Ollie. It is rather like having a small child starting school, as we hear about his friends and the fun he has had. The dogs are allowed to run free in a secure area. When he comes home he is thoroughly exercised and ready for his supper. It is the utmost comfort that we can trust Canine Caravan completely."

"As soon as I hear the key in the door, I know Gayle has arrived. She never has to step into the house as I meet her at the door and we walk to her car. Just imagine the best school car share ever! My friends are already waiting for me and the party begins. Every season is good but the smells that come out after winter are such heaven and we can run and run as much as we like. Its good to come home in the evening as I need to recharge my batteries for the next day but boarding is fantastic fun too. Think of your best summer camp and double it. Thank goodness my owners discovered Canine Caravan!"

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